Interpersonal Weaving

We are artists, healers, educators and edge walkers, and draw from our deep, diverse, colorful lifestyles and interpersonal relationships to create our Quitman Palette. We share life's stories from the sublime to the serious, enjoy occasional meals together, spend mornings with coffee on the swing in front of the fountain, and evenings under the stars.

We enjoy the playful as well as the psycho-spiritual side of life. We believe in personal development through coexistence, and at the same time, good times are second nature, amongst a fun-loving group of family and friends. We are equally inspired by organic gardening, throwing a party, or a quiet contemplative moment in the hammock.

Personal Aspects

We are mostly non-smoking, self-reliant, and ecologically and spiritually conscientious, and are motivated by health, well being, personal growth, compassion, tolerance, cooperation, humor and more. Some of our inter-diversities are lgbt, inter-generational, and being involved in social change. We range from being self-employed to corporate professionals, with a few of us working from home.

Mission and Values

Our mission is to create a supportive space for those who want to live in a progressive-friendly community; to exude gratitude; to live in our truth; to facilitate wholeness; and to share our gifts.

Our values include health, harmony, creativity, openness, integrity, respect, fairness, friendship, communication, success, prosperity, and spiritual growth.

Primary Purpose

Our vision is one of weaving lives together in just enough ways, as to be emotionally supportive, enjoy quality time together, grow gardens, bring joy to doing menial tasks, and share in the purchase of big-ticket items, so as to limit economic and ecological waste.

We live within a framework of honesty and integrity, as well as in the delight of enhancing each others' lives.

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